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1/2 Watt Carbon Composition Resistors


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This is a great new production 1/2W carbon composition resistor. Perfect for all low inductance, high pulse current 1/2W resistor applications.

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    These are nice modern Carbon Comp resistors with thick leads.

    some values have a light brown casing and some are dark brown like old Allen Bradleys.

    reviewed by: Elad

    Perfect for any repair or any vintage project!

    reviewed by: Marco

    Great quality! Used in my last amp build and they work great! Cool vintage mojo!

    reviewed by: Daniel

    Excellent quality new production CC resistor. Tight tolerance

    reviewed by: Daniel Tramble

    i have purchased many c.c. resistors from tube depot for my builds and i gotta say i have never been disappointed

    reviewed by: daryl stillman (stillman amps )

    Good quality resistors. My amp sounds great, and it's loaded with them :)

    reviewed by: Quality!
  • 10% tolerance.
  • • Low inductance
  • • Low capacitance
  • • Compared with film-type resistors, carbon composition
  • resistors have better pulse endurance characteristics
  • • EIA standard color coding
  • • Because these carbon composition resistors come from various manufacturers, the component you receive may not look exactly like this photo.
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