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1 Watt Carbon Film Resistor


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This is a great 1W carbon film resistor. Perfect for all 1W resistor applications. Higher voltage rating is especially well suited for tube circuits.

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    Stil the best value on these. 1W Carbon Film is 90% of what I use on tube amp builds. No reason to go smaller.

    reviewed by: YB

    Very good quality resistors and the price is great. I will be ordering again.

    reviewed by: Yugedrums

    I use these 1W resistors in most of my tube amplifier builds because they're low noise, high voltage, stable. They work much better than 1/2 carbon comp.

    reviewed by: Texas Tone Amps

    These are excellent resistors very well worth the money

    reviewed by: Dan

    Good quality resistors. Noise is pretty low, and they're much easier to come by than many of the carbon comp resistors. Buy with confidence :)

    reviewed by: Nice resistors
  • • 5% tolerance
  • • Low noise
  • • Moisture stable
  • • High quality performance at economical prices
  • • EIA standard color coding
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