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1950’s 6X4 D-Getter by SER Sweden


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1950’s 6X4 made by SER (AB Svenska Elektron Rör) in Sweden are some of the most valued and hardest to find 6X4 variants ever made. Founded in 1938, SER preceded Ericsson and was often used as the European subcontractor by GEC and Western Electric. SER made some of the best European tubes on the planet. These are very rare D Shaped Foil Getter with black plates. Take this chance to pick up one of *the* best 6X4 made at a great price.

These tubes came to us in the original factory bulk pack of 200 pieces. Your tubes will come to you in new white boxes. 

Here is a detail shot of the D Shaped Foil Getter.

6X4 1950’s D-Getter by SER Sweden

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    Received the tubes in good condition. Excellent packing. The 6X4 sounded great in my preamp as well. Thank you Tubedepot!

    reviewed by: Ken Loo
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