1958 GE 5U4GA/GB Black Plate


We’ve just discovered a nice stash of 1958 GE 5U4GA/GB black plate rectifier tubes that are perfectly factory fresh. Being marked both GA and GB make these compatible in all situations that call for a 5U4GB. The fact these these were all made in 1958 with black plates and a D getter make them perfect for that authentic restoration. Additionally, these sound as good as the RCA 5U4GB. Once these are gone there won’t be more.

Here’s the factory fresh case from 1958. Note the sticker marking the manufacturing date code. Awesome.

1958 GE 5U4GA/GB Black Plate

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    Tried this tube out in my Woo Audio WA6SE headphone amp. It's provided the perfect layer of warmth to music. Highly recommended for anyone looking to tame overly bright recordings. The warmth doesn't come at the expense of detail either. Great tube!

    reviewed by: KT