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2 Watt Metal Oxide Power Resistor


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This is a great 2W metal oxide power resistor. Perfect for all 2W resistor applications. Especially well suited for high pulse current conditions as found in power supplies.
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    Great product. Needed to upgrade to a larger 2 watt resistor from a 1 watt resistor in a bench power supply printed circuit board. This worked perfectly in the circuit and does not even get warm. Fits in the same place on the printed circuit board with no problem. Tested to within 1% of the rated resistance.

    reviewed by: Randy

    Perfect for use as cathode resistors in my Princeton Reverb build. High Quality and good tolerances! I'd still get a couple so you can match them though.

    reviewed by: Daniel

    Top quality. Exactly what I needed to build a 1.5 VDC battery substitute for a VTVM.

    reviewed by: Tom Bridgers
  • • 5% tolerance
  • • Excellent flame retardant coating
  • • Stable performance in diverse environments
  • • High purity ceramic core
  • • Meets EIAJ-RC2655A requirements
  • • EIA standard color coding
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