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20 Ga. Stranded, High-Temperature PVC Wire, 100 Feet


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100 feet of Military specification (MIL-SPEC), aerospace grade, high-temperature PVC clad, tinned copper hookup wire. Mil-Spec code: M16878 / 1-BGE-6-COLOR

This material is manufactured to the U.S. Department of Defense military specification (the world-wide standard) for the aerospace / defense industry. By law, it meets and exceeds rigorous manufacturing and testing requirements. If you are looking for some of the highest quality wire for building that new project, then this is your wire.
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Some of the benefits of this wire are:

  • Tinned copper for superior audio / signal transmission
  • Will take solder very easily
  • Very flexible, but will hold its shape for perfect 90 degree angles
  • Small diameter makes your project much more clean and attractive
  • 600 volt rated & up to 105C
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