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20 Ga. Stranded, Tin Plated, Aerospace Grade, Tefzel Wire


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Military specification (MIL-SPEC), aerospace grade, 600V rated, irradiated cross-linked Ethylene TetraFluoroEthylene (ETFE) thin wall insulation, 20 AWG with 19 / 32 stranded tinned copper hookup wire. Conforms to Mil-Spec MIL-W-22759/16-20-(color).

This wire is manufactured to the U.S. Department of Defense military specification (the world-wide standard) for the aerospace / defense industry. By law, it meets and exceeds rigorous manufacturing and testing requirements for wire used in high temperature, extreme environments. This ETFE insulation has better mechanical toughness than PTFE (Teflon) with the same extreme heat resistance. It is recommended to use good quality, sharp wire strippers and cutters.

If you are looking for the highest quality wire for building your new project, then this is your wire.

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    This is the wire I use in all of my tube amp builds. It's high voltage, high temperature, thin wall, stays in place, and solders well.

    reviewed by: Texas Tone Amps

    High quality. Strips/solders easily, looks and performs excellent.

    reviewed by: Dave

    If you only want to buy one wire for everything in your guitar amp build, this is the one to buy.

    reviewed by: Bryan Kolaczkowski

    This wire is great. The thin insulation makes routing easy. It holds its shape pretty well, not as well as solid core, but definitely better than thicker insulation wires.

    reviewed by: Tyler
Some benefits of this wire are:

  • Tinned copper for superior audio / signal / power transmission.
  • Tinned wire easily accepts solder.
  • Stranded wire flexibility and ETFE insulation better holds it’s shape for perfect 90 degree angles.
  • Small diameter, thin wall insulation makes projects cleaner and more attractive.
  • Wire has a working rating of 600 volts & 150 C / 300 F temperature (very conservative temperature rating).
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