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6U8 to 7199 Adapter


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Finally ... an easy way to convert the easier to find 6U8 to the rare and expensive 7199. This well made adapter is super easy to use, just plug the 6U8 in and play your favorite music.

Need a great 6U8?

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    Plugged right into my Dynaco ST70 and saved me a ton of money. By using this device I am able to have less expensive alternatives to the hard to find and expensive 7199's I had before. Joe from https://www.curcioaudio.com made this recommendation to me and it was great advice.

    reviewed by: Mike

    Installed on a Gibson RVT--works great. Saved $$$ over the 7199 price!

    reviewed by: Terry B

    Restored a Fisher 800 that uses 7199's to drive the (new, balanced, Russian Tung Sol) 7591 outputs, I swapped between these adapters with some well matched NOS 6U8's and a pair of balanced NOS 7199's and there was virtually NO audible difference... they're a MUCH cheaper and viable alternative

    reviewed by: Dave P

    Works like a charm! It made my life easier AND cheaper! Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Tony K.
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