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Analog Chorus Guitar Pedal Kit


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Rediscover the joy of chorus again with this kit. The BYOC Analog Chorus is a true-bypassed clone of the earliest version of the BOSS CE-2. It uses the same MN3007/MN3101 chip set that was used in the first made-in-Japan silver screw version for that warm, lush, organic, vintage 80's chorus tone. The layout has been redesigned with the jacks on the side (just like the original) and the PCB has been redesigned to keep the signal path traces as far away from the LFO (low frequency oscillator) clock driver traces as possible. This was done to insure that no weird noises would be introduced into your signal whether the pedal was engaged or in bypass. The LFO was modified so that it could go a little faster and a little deeper than the original, but still go just as slow and shallow as the original. Oh....and the status LED blink in time with the rate.

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