Carling DPST Toggle Switch, OFF-STBY-ON


If your amp doesn't have a standby switch, then your tubes are being damaged every time you turn on your power switch. When tubes are turned on without letting them warm up first, the cathode coating is pulled from the cathode sleeve eventually causing premature tube failure. Improve the life of your tubes with this switch. By installing this three position switch, and with a little modification, you can have both power and standby in one switch. This switch is great for upgrading a Blues Jr., Pro Jr., Valve Jr., Champ, Tiny Terror, any tube amp that only has a power on/off switch.

NOTE: Installation of this switch should be accomplished by a qualified technician. does not provide technical support or detailed directions for installing this switch into any amp.

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    Simple, reliable, logical. What more do you need in a switch?

    reviewed by: Zack

    Great for old amps that have only one hole in chassis for of/off switch. Seems well built and durable.

    reviewed by: Rich

    pretty good switch for those applications where space is not available for both a standby and a power switch

    reviewed by: rwf