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Dalibor Farny R|Z568M Nixie Tube


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The only current maker of nixie tubes, Dalibor Farney has resurrected the famous and most beautiful of nixie tubes - the Z568M. The name of R|Z568M (R=Resurrection) refers to the fact that the Z568M, previously only available from serious collectors, has been made available again for anyone to design a clock around. Make sure to see the embedded video at the bottom of this page.

This is the R|Z568M with the black base.

The R|Z568M comes in it's own custom fitted deluxe box.

This is an up-close photo of the digits in the tube.

This shot displays the brand logo marked on the tube.

An up-close photo displaying the brand logo on the tube.

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    Such an excellent Nixie Tube! Astonishing display and exquisite design! Dalibor Farny has truly reinvented the Nixie Tube! A++++++

    reviewed by: M. Shields
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