Elekit TU-8200 Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit


The descendant to to the wildly acclaimed TU-879S, the new Elekit TU-8200 is now available. The renowned Elekit designer, Mr. Fujita, has gone back to the drawing board to design a superior tube amplifier kit. The TU-8200 has many enhancements that allow the builder to enjoy exquisite tube audio in just a few nights.

The TU-8200 ships with Electro Harmonix 6L6GC power tubes, but also supports a wide range of other power tubes such as KT66, KT88, EL34, 6550 (and others) with no modifications and no need to re-bias. Simply swap power tubes and the newly developed "active automatic bias adjustment function" will adjust the bias to the optimal level for each tube. No need to match tubes or manually re-bias ever again.

Elekit TU-8200 Front

For those who love headphone music, you are in for a treat. The TU-8200 has a built-in headphone jack that will deliver amazing tube audio to your favorite cans.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Select from 3 types of amplifier modes (Ultra-linear, Triode, or Pentode) with a simple jumper change on the PCB.
  • TU-8200 ships with a R-core power transformer that supports 4 different voltage environments 100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V. This kit is ready to be built and used in any part of the world with no problems.
  • You can add an optional Elekit PS-3249 DAC to decode audio directly from your computer via USB.
  • The upgraded TU-8200DX can be found here.

    Elekit TU-8200 Back

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    Elekit TU-8200 Parts

    Below shows the TU-8200 with its accompanying TU-8500 preamplifier kit.

    Make sure to read some of the Kit Reviews from our customers.

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  • VACUUM TUBES: Stock tube set 2 X 6L6GC, 2 X 12AU7 (You can also use KT88, 6550C or EL34)
  • OUTPUT STAGE: Ultra-linear, Pentode or Triode mode
  • RATED OUTPUT (8 ohm loaded):
    6L6GC (Ultra Linear) 8W + 8W
    6L6GC (Pentode) 8.2W + 8.2W
    6L6GC (Triode) 4W + 4W
  • RATED INPUT: 6L6GC (Ultra Linear): 340mV
  • RESIDUAL NOISE: 6L6GC (Ultra Linear): 0.09mV (IEC)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 12Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
  • SPEAKER IMPDEANCE: 4-6.3 ohm and 8-16 ohm
  • INPUT TERMINAL: LINE x 2 (LINE1 (RCA), LINE2 (RCA + 3.5MM Stereo Mini Jack))
  • OUTPUT TERMINAL: Gold plated screw type speaker terminal
    (4-6.3 ohm, 8-16 ohm: Switching) (Banana plug can be used)
  • HEADPHONE JACK: Standard jack (6.4mm DIA)
  • AC POWER INPUT VOLTAGE: Selectable upon assembly.
    There are 4 voltage options: 100V, 115V (110-120V), 200V or 230V (220-240V)
  • WEIGHT: 14.55lB (6.6KG)
  • DIMENSIONS: Width 9.92" (252mm) x Heighth 6.22" (158mm) x Depth 11.22" (285mm)