Elekit TU-8200DX Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit


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This is the DX version of the TU-8200. It contains both the Elekit 8200, and the DX capacitor upgrade.

The descendant to to the wildly acclaimed TU-879S, the new Elekit TU-8200DX is now available. The renowned Elekit designer, Mr. Fujita, has gone back to the drawing board to design a superior tube amplifier kit. The TU-8200DX has many enhancements that allow the builder to enjoy exquisite tube audio in just a few nights.

The TU-8200DX ships with Electro Harmonix 6L6GC power tubes, but also supports a wide range of other power tubes such as KT66, KT88, EL34, 6550 (and others) with no modifications and no need to re-bias. Simply swap power tubes and the newly developed "active automatic bias adjustment function" will adjust the bias to the optimal level for each tube. No need to match tubes or manually re-bias ever again.

Elekit TU-8200 Front

For those who love headphone music, you are in for a treat. The TU-8200DX has a built-in headphone jack that will deliver amazing tube audio to your favorite cans.

Some of the improvements include:

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    I have just received the kit for the ele8200DX. I went through the parts list and it is complete. The Directions supplied are very detailed and should be very easy to follow. Even for me a complete neophyte in electronics. I bought a small practice soldering kit that will enhance my soldering skill which will improve my proficiency.

    . I am confident that I can build this kit. If I can do it so can you.

    reviewed by: Randy Berntsen

    This is a nice amp right out of the box but with a few added parts it's a great amp.
    I originally installed the 8200DX Capacitor Upgrade kit, but I was not completely satisfied with the sound. So I replaced the four Amstrans AMCO 104 Metalized PET film capacitors from the DX Cap kit with four Sprague Orange Drop Polypropylene Capacitor 716 Series .100µF / 600V (Part number: CP-OD716-100-600V) and left the Sanyo OS-CON organic capacitors from the DX upgrade kit installed.
    I was pleasantly surprised with a clearer less muffled sound with the orange drop caps.
    I replaced the 9 pin tube sockets with ceramic sockets (Part number: SK-9PINPC) simply for better heat resistance over the stock sockets. I took it a step further and added a couple of 9 pin socket savers (Part number: SK-9SVR) to lift the 12AU7 Tubes up and the amp runs even cooler now.
    Being a kit you can easily do the mods right as you are building it, and the parts I used are available right here at TubeDepot

    reviewed by: Harry



  • VACUUM TUBES: Stock tube set 2 X 6L6GC, 2 X 12AU7 (You can also use KT88, 6550C or EL34)
  • OUTPUT STAGE: Ultra-linear, Pentode or Triode mode
  • RATED OUTPUT (8 ohm loaded):
    6L6GC (Ultra Linear) 8W + 8W
    6L6GC (Pentode) 8.2W + 8.2W
    6L6GC (Triode) 4W + 4W
  • RATED INPUT: 6L6GC (Ultra Linear): 340mV
  • RESIDUAL NOISE: 6L6GC (Ultra Linear): 0.09mV (IEC)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 12Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
  • SPEAKER IMPDEANCE: 4-6.3 ohm and 8-16 ohm
  • INPUT TERMINAL: LINE x 2 (LINE1 (RCA), LINE2 (RCA + 3.5MM Stereo Mini Jack))
  • OUTPUT TERMINAL: Gold plated screw type speaker terminal
    (4-6.3 ohm, 8-16 ohm: Switching) (Banana plug can be used)
  • HEADPHONE JACK: Standard jack (6.4mm DIA)
  • AC POWER INPUT VOLTAGE: Selectable upon assembly.
    There are 4 voltage options: 100V, 115V (110-120V), 200V or 230V (220-240V)
  • WEIGHT: 14.55lB (6.6KG)
  • DIMENSIONS: Width 9.92" (252mm) x Heighth 6.22" (158mm) x Depth 11.22" (285mm)
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