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Emerson Custom 0.047µf / 300V Paper in Oil Tone Capacitor - Red and Cream


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Constructed with the finest materials, these Emerson Custom capacitors are comparable to the famous and sought after Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil capacitors. Featuring mil-spec construction, sturdy copper clad steel leads, and true vintage kraft paper in oil, these capacitors will allow you to find the vintage tone you have been craving from your guitar or bass.

Just like the caps found inside the tone circuits of the most sought-after classic guitars ever made, these are made in the USA.

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• Guitar & Bass Friendly Physical Size (Length: 0.875" x Diameter: 0.40")

• Mil-Spec Construction (Hermetically Sealed Metal Tubular Case with Sealed glass ends)

• Sturdy 20 AWG Copper Clad Steel Leads

• True Vintage Kraft Paper in Oil Construction

• Classic Vintage looking graphics

• Accurate +\- 10% Tolerance

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