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Genalex - Gold Lion U77 / GZ34 Rectifier Vacuum Tube


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The Genalex U77/GZ34 is an audiophile rated ultra efficient indirectly heated dual diode, full-wave vacuum rectifier. Providing a mere 10V drop in B+ (plate voltage) at full current demand, this rectifier insures a strong, dynamic response to your sound. An excellent and reliable choice, the Genalex U77/GZ34 comes with a classic blue base, highly stable tandem supported getter cup, industrial thickness dual mica spacers and full 30mm length internal plate structures. This tube is an excellent replacement of any GZ34 and 5AR4 rectifier tube.
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    I bought this to replace a JJ rectifier on an AC30 6TB. The amp now has a much tighter, more percussive feel. I will replace the rectifiers in my other amps with this tube.

    reviewed by: Patrick

    Replaced a JJ rectifier. Wanted to go NOS, but that was cost prohibitive. This is great replacement with a vintage-inspired design.

    reviewed by: Ivan Huber
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