Groove Tubes GT-12AY7 Select

GT-12AY7 tubes pass every Groove Tubes premium certification for microphonics, hum, physical characteristics and function. Quite simply the best 9-pin triode preamp tubes you can buy — specifically designed and tested for musical instrument amplification and standard equipment on Fender® amps. Outstanding and consistent performance for mixing and matching to get a signature tone from your amp.

Low-gain tube used in very early Fender amps. Can sub for a 12AX7 to lower gain and produce a slightly warmer tone. Great for harp or blues where softer, more compressed distortion at lower volumes is desired. Medium/soft gain.

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    well made tube. testing in 3 preamp sockets in place of AT7s. stay tuned.

    reviewed by: kevWI

    ran this tube past a young electronics wizard, he was amazed at the quality. in the process of using this in various sockets to see the effect on sound. great service from TD.

    reviewed by: kevWI

    Great tube. Sounds great in my 5E3+ amp. Highly recommended!

    reviewed by: Mr.T