JJ 2A3 - 40 Watt Power Vacuum Tube

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Quite possibly the most sturdy modern production triode we have ever seen. This JJ 2A3 boasts a 40 watts plate dissipation rating (which is 25W more than other 2A3 tubes) which will provide wider dynamic response to any system. This 2A3 is single plate construction. The base is white ceramic with a glazed black face. This tube looks and sounds fantastic.

Customer Comments:

The JJ 40 Watt 2A3 has improved soundstage with better definition. The instruments are more separated and distinct. If you have a variable filament transformer, the tube is un-phased by lower filament voltages. Overall the tube is just more robust sounding and powerful than any other 2A3 I’ve listened to. Gerry L. - Nashville, TN

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