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JJ 5Y3S Rectifier Vacuum Tube


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The JJ 5Y3S is a sturdy tube that will get that rectified amplifier back in shape. With average sag and longer than normal life expectancy, this is a great tube for the money.

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    I've used these in multiple amp builds now. Always the same, always dependable!

    reviewed by: consistant

    Have found the JJ 5Y3 to be the most consistently great rectifier tube. After many builds it is definitely my #1 choice

    reviewed by: LeeO

    Was having a really hard time with a ghost harmonic in my champ. Finally narrowed it down to a faulty sovtek 5Y3, the great folks at TubeDepot sent me a JJ5Y3 and it fixed it right up! Great recto tube for tone and amazing quality for the price. Love em.

    reviewed by: DaveB
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