JJ E34L / EL34 Power Vacuum Tube

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With a slightly higher grid voltage (-13.5 to -16.5 vs -10 to -13.5 volts for the EL34) than other EL34 / this tube offers tight low end with smooth mids.

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    Great for modern high gain amp, as advertised it has a tight bass response and gives a bit more of a "mid scoop" to your sound

    reviewed by: Danny

    Sound good for rock/metal based music.

    reviewed by: Ivelity

    I tried several jj,s, a tung-sol and a tad in my Laney IRT and these are my favorite ,very open sounding with good definition

    reviewed by: oukalarr

    Great tubes,Great price and outstanding service from TubeDepot

    reviewed by: Domenic

    Ordered a second set for my Dyna Mk IV mono amps. Very happy with JJ and Tube Depot.

    reviewed by: mp

    Great tube! Tighter lows

    reviewed by: Andrew

    Great smooth, perfect sounding tune in my PWE and Suhr amps!

    reviewed by: Rik De Cubas

    The tube really great to replace the stock tube in my Marshall DSL40C amp..small yet bigger sound..good responsive..tight low end..thumbs up

    reviewed by: Al-Barr
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