JJ ECC803s / Hi-Performance 12AX7 Gold Pin Preamp Vacuum Tube

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For Audiophiles - Combining a noise canceling spiral wound filament with oversized plates and rugged construction, this tube provides a forward sounding, full-bodied low end response with a weighty, dynamic midrange easily compared to the Telefunken ECC803s. Its high end response is controlled yet warm with a very pleasant depth of field that extends the full sonic landscape. This tube is perfect as the first gain stage in most HiFi audio equipment. Especially useful for taming brittle digital sources such as MP3, CD and DVD players.

Devoid of harshness, this tube is easily the most listenable preamp tube in production. And with hand selected quality and solid, proven performance, it is a wonderfully refreshing addition to the 12AX7 family of tubes. Your equipment will take on new character across the entire audio spectrum once you install this tube. This tube gets our vote as one of the best new tubes in production today.

For Musicians - The depth of low end and forward midrange from this tube is astonishing. It has a level of "ummph" that must be heard to believe. There is so much more tone from this tube that some amps struggle to handle the boost in performance from this tube. This is not a generic low gain 12AX7, this is pure muscle. And if your amp can hold on, it's worth trying in all positions just to see what can be awakened in your amp.

At the end of the preamp tube chain, the JJ ECC803S Gold Pin makes a phenomenal phase inverter tube. Its oversized plates give the additional drive needed to really push the power tubes to their fullest potential. This is pure electrical adrenaline; it's as if excess horsepower was squeezed into the glass. For whatever music you play, this tube will surprise you.

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    Input tubes for el84 amp. Beautiful sound indeed. The clarity and imaging is amazing. Wish I had done it sooner.

    reviewed by: Eric

    Jtm 45 Phase iverter beast really noticed a difference in the bottom end punch. Very happy with this tube. My son does metal and got some for their Mesa Recs for V1 and they love them.

    reviewed by: Drew

    I used two gold-pin JJ ECC803s tubes as phase-invertors for my EL34 push-pull amp to replace the original CVC ECC83 tube. For the sound quality, this gold-pin model is apparently better than the CVC one, and slightly superior to its regular red-mark labelled analog. I cannot tell the big difference between the gold-pin one and the regular one. Though I think that the regular JJ ECC803s is good enough, for its long-term audition, this gold-pin model is a good choice to replace your old ECC83/12AX7 tubes.

    reviewed by: ED

    The JJ ECC803 gold pin is the best tube I have used. Huge sound stage clean and bright, I have used these in all my marshall 1 watt amps, amazing sound would not trade them for anything,

    reviewed by: Richard F

    I have had very positive results using these in the first preamp (V1) positions and in the phase inverters in my amps. The extra gain provided just enough boost to give the tone that something that I was looking for.

    reviewed by: Ron Jinks Old'sCool Amps
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