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JJ EL34 Power Vacuum Tube

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The JJ EL34 is a very open sounding tube with a little less bass response but with crisper highs than the JJ E34L. It is electrically equivalent to any other EL34.

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    Just bought a set for my Carvin VM-100! 🤘🏴‍☠️

    reviewed by: Sky

    I used these in a customer's Bogner Shiva and they sound great!

    reviewed by: Mike B

    They worked well.

    reviewed by: Curtis T.

    Great replacement tubes for my Marshall DSL 40C. Excellent product and great service from Tube Depot!

    reviewed by: Mike B.

    My Mark IV has never sounded as good. I retubed it and my SOB and they are both spectacular. Price, quality and shipping service are all perfect!

    reviewed by: Kevin $

    Great all around tube !! Love JJ tubes and the price ... amazing.

    reviewed by: Christopher Lineberry

    I always use Tube Depot for replacement tubes for all my amps. The JJ tubes are consistent, I like their tone, and the price is right. What more could you want?

    reviewed by: brad carlton

    I put these in a Marshall MA100 a guy sold me for nearly nothing because it hummed so badly. Four JJ EL34's later and hum gone. The amp sounds great. Inexpensive but great tubes. Tube depot got them to me quick and without hassle.

    reviewed by: Heavy Tele Deluxe

    I installed a quad of these in my 2000 Marshall 1959SLP and they sound great. I highly recommend.

    reviewed by: Yugedrums
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