JJ EL34II Power Vacuum Tube

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The latest and greatest EL34 fresh from the Slovakian fields of JJ. This tube, in terms of tone, fits quite snugly between the EL34 and the E34L. It's sound is much fuller than the EL34, but lacks the aggressive, in-your-face-ivity of the E34L. Perfect for achieving that warm, classic rock sound.

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    I use them in my custom class A PP. Very nice mids, much more pronounced than KT77 with very detailed sound. However bass in not on the level of KT77. Generally sounds excellent, especially good with female voice

    reviewed by: Alex

    I just got my Marshall origin 50 watt head and swapped out the stock marshall red label JJ's for the EL 34 II. A much fuller sound than the stock, the JJ long plate pre amp tubes helps too it makes the amp a little more jcm than jtm, thanks tube depot

    reviewed by: Richard F.

    I was surprised by listening JJ EL34II tubes for the first time I installed the quard set of tubes in my CR Wooham 1.5 push pull British machine. The original tubes were standard JJ EL34 tubes. You can immediately feel how powerful for the new EL34II tubes with a lot of details in my favorite classic music. You don't need to consider the NOS Mullard EL34 xf2 tubes, the Mullard's sound is here. Good C/P value with excellent sound quality -- my Best Choice for a budget cost.

    reviewed by: Eric Diau

    Clearer sounding and more rounded and powerful to me than the standard EL34. I've tried these, the regular EL34s, and the EL34Ls and these were the best to my ear. Great tube so far.

    reviewed by: Will
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