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JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 Rectifier Vacuum Tube


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A cost effective replacement for any amplifier using GZ34 / 5AR4 rectifier tubes, the JJ GZ34 is a well built and great sounding tube.

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    Solid, reliable and cost effective, the JJ line of tubes create better than average tone and fail less frequently than many other types of tubes.

    reviewed by: Robert FitzGerald

    A reliable tube and go-to in my shop

    reviewed by: Rob DeAntonio

    Great tubes! I've only had one fail shortly after installing... which is better than most tubes!

    reviewed by: Maison

    A fine, cost effective rectifier tube. Solid build and performance. I use these in customer tune-ups and rebuilds. Excellent option.

    reviewed by: JEL

    Truly one of the very best! Very solid performer and it is the only rectifier tube I use in any pro gear.

    reviewed by: Steve Sinclair

    Awesome Rectifier. Slightly less sterile than the Sovtek equivalent.

    reviewed by: GavinC

    Another great JJ tube. I use it in my amp and it sounds musical.

    reviewed by: John May
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