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Mogami W2524 Instrument Cable


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The Mogami name is synonymous with high quality and is used worldwide in the best recording studios. With a diameter of only 6mm / 0.236 inches, this cable was designed for excellent sound in a durable package. Using high purity copper shielding ensures very low noise, while the high purity copper center conductor conveys ultimate tone. The cross-linked polyethylene dielectric is heat resistant and will not shrink as quickly as pvc. This Mogami cable is designed to prevent microphonics with a conductive carbon impregnated polymer sub-shield placed under the shield conductor. If you want the best cable to go from your instrument to your rig, then this is it.

Note: The carbon impregnated polymer subshield should be removed prior to soldering on connectors. Otherwise there is a potential for signal degradation.

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    Great guitar cable. Easy to work and very good quality.

    reviewed by: Cristiano

    The conductors are nice N thick. No stupid basket style weaving on the shielding, so very easy to prepare for soldering.
    The shields are heat resistant... cable is breeze to solder unlike cheaper stuff.

    reviewed by: max s

    Great guitar cable. It is one of the best sounding cables around.

    reviewed by: Vitali T

    I recently purchased this cable and followed the "How to Build a Better Instrument Cable" instructions to make some custom cables for my guitar rig. This cable feels great and sounds good too. It is clear that this is a high quality product.

    reviewed by: David S.

    Excellent cable!

    reviewed by: John

    Great cable! Highly recommend this if you're planning on making your own guitar cables. Pair it with some Neutrik plugs and you'll have yourself some high quality cables. And they're going to cost you at least half of what you'll pay for the same or lesser quality cables available in retail.

    reviewed by: Tom Servo

    Great quality and easy to make your own custom cables.

    reviewed by: MiloTone

    Good cable. Low noise and good sound quality. I've made 3 cables with it so far. Much cheaper than buying a pre made cable. I recommend the Neutrik plugs as well.

    reviewed by: Scott

    Very good audio wire. Fast shipping

    reviewed by: Max



  • Part No.: W2524
  • Conductor Details: 50/0.12A
  • Conductor Size(mm2): 0.0565mm2(#20 AWG)
  • Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm): 2.7Ø (0.106")
  • Insulation Material: PE
  • Insulation Color: Clear
  • Sub-Shield Ov. Dia.(mm): 3.30 (0.130")
  • Sub-Shield Material: Conductive PVC (Carbon PVC)
  • Sub-Shield Color: Black
  • Main-Shield Served-Shield: Approx. 55/0.18A
  • Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm): 6.00 (0.236")
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • Jacket Color: Black




  • Part No.: W2524
  • DC Resistance at 20°C Inner Conductor: 0.033O/m(0.010O/Ft)
  • DC Resistance at 20°C Shield Conductor: 0.014O/m(0.0043O/Ft)
  • Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C: 130pF/m(39.7pF/Ft)
  • Inductance: 0.2µH/m(0.061µH/Ft)
  • Electrostatic Noise*: 0.15mV Max.
  • Electromagnetic Noise at 10kHz*: 0.07mV Max.
  • Microphonics*: 0.3mV Max.
  • Insulation Resistance: 100000 MO × m Min. at DC 500V, 20°C
  • Flex Life: 15,000 cycles
  • Tensile Strength (26°C, 65%RH): 578N
  • Emigration: Non-emigrant to ABS resin
  • Applicable Temperature: -20°C~+60°C(-4°F~ +140°F)


    * Using standard testing methods of Mogami Wire & Cable Corp.

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