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Moonracer Nixie Watch


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Moonracer is a unique watch for the Nixie enthusiast. Combined new old stock Nixie tubes and Nixie tube display technology make this piece a must have for the ultimate collector.

Manufactured from a single solid piece of aluminium and acrylic, Moonracer is light. It has a durable handy strap that will perfectly fit any wrist. The tubes are housed within a moderate acrylic casing that offers protection minus aesthetics.

Moonracer is a precise watch, a captivating accessory, and an extraordinary gift for:

  • Nixie clock enthusiasts and collectors

  • People in industries related to automobiles, motorcycles, airplanes and science and technology

  • Those who work with clocks, watches, acoustics, temperature and other numerical or graphical indication devices, light and illumination devices, and cybernetics

  • Historical authorities

  • Artists, writers, actors, show-men/women, bright and active personalities – this watch is aggressive and vivid

  • Parents and teenagers/children school teachers and principals

Moonracer is an implementation of dreams and stories of thousands of people all over the world. Get Moonracer nixie watch first.

This watch comes with a USB charging cable.

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