Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube


Finally, a faithful reproduction of the Mullard 12AX7. This tube has the chime and lushness you would expect from a Mullard without all the cost. We really like this tube in classic Fender Deluxe amps and Mesa hi-power amps. These also sing in Hi-Fi amps. We tried them in our AcroSound 20/20 and were very surprised at their accuracy and detail. We like them in just about everything we have tried them in.

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    A while back I noticed my hifi setup had developed a muddy sound and lost clarity. I realized how old the JJ preamp tubes were and decided on the Mullards for a replacement. Had to wait a few weeks as they were out of stock and now I understand why. These things were immediately quieter than the JJ tubes which hummed pretty badly. After a week I'm VERY happy with them. Low noise, nice tight bass and delightful clarity. Looking forward to listening to vinyl through these for years to come.

    reviewed by: Matt

    I purchased this tube to replace my Electro-Hamonix for my Hi-Fi tube amplifier. The difference was immediately recognizable. The sound is full of richness and texture, well-balanced, noticeably enhanced mid & bass range, and warm. I recommend this tube for who is looking for soft and comfortable sound.

    reviewed by: Juin

    I put one of these in my Splawn’s Quickrod’s clean channel tube position and it sounds fantastic. Deep lies and not shrill on the high end at all. Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Brian

    I recently bought a B-52 AT-100 half-stack for my 15 year old daughter for $300 and although the clean sounded ok with the Sovtek 5881WXT’s that came with it, the gain channels were sorely lacking. I know from 35 years of electric guitar fanaticism what good amps sound like and I knew I could get more out of it. I decided on the quad of Tung-Sol 7581A’s and replaced all 12ax7’s with Mullard New Production. WOW!!! Talk about waking up a sleeping giant! Power, definition, clarity, dynamics, and gorgeous tone. I’ve got $550 into it now and in my opinion, this amp holds its own amongst the Marshalls, Boogies, and many others I’ve owned over the decades. If you can’t tell, I HIGHLY recommend these tubes!

    reviewed by: Brandon