Mullard EL84 / 6BQ5 New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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  • Mu el84 nobox
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The new production Mullard EL84 / 6BQ5 is another "re-born" classic from New Sensor. With lush mids and punchy bass, these guys are sure to please even the most demanding boutique EL84 amp owner.

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:

  • BadCat Model 2R
  • Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
  • Marshall DSL201
  • Marshall DSL401
  • VOX reissue AC15
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    Sounds great in my Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister deluxe 40.

    reviewed by: Mike

    Really nice and "shine" tone. Just take care of the glass size, it may not fit your amp!

    reviewed by: Great tone!

    I had purchased some SovTek milspec tubes for my Manley Stingray HiFi amp and they sounded too bottom-heavy with a roll-off on the highs. I bought these Mullards and they sounded great after just a few hours of burn-in. Much more balanced sound.

    reviewed by: Jeff

    Smooth, well rounded tone. Seems to have less harshness in the highs compared to JJs. Breaks up with pleasing harmonics.

    reviewed by: Matt

    High end is lush and 3D with great chime, but low end is a bit muddy and undefined when overdriven.

    reviewed by: Chad

    Didn't like them at first, too smooth, didn't have the clean snap that JJs have in my AC30. Put an EQ pedal in the effects loop as a boost and was surprised at the real nice break up when pushed. Very little of the gak-ak-ak mid range distortion I got with JJ tubes in this amp.

    reviewed by: Felton Pruett

    I bought these to replace some Electro Harmonix tubes in my Peavey Classic 30. Many say to use JJ's and I was considering them. I have them in my Classic 50 head. I'm glad I went with the Mullards.

    Clean, and softer in the tone than the JJ's. At a low volume, the overdrive is not as buzzy/fuzz like.

    I suggest those with the same amp, try these in it.

    reviewed by: Dan

    Solid, affordable EL84 tubes. Can't go wrong!

    reviewed by: Jay

    I replaced the original chinese tubes with the mullard EL84's and some tungsol 12ax7's that I had and wow! This cheap amp now sounds as good as my Mesa!

    reviewed by: Ed Strine

    Didn't white enjoou these Valves. My amp did not work really well with them. Had bought 4 matched units and after 4 months a pair Ended up as 2 snow globes. Guess i had bad luck.

    reviewed by: Bruno Borges de Souza

    I purchased this tube to replace JJ valves for my Hi-Fi tube amplifier. The sound seems complete - soft, smooth like female voice, and well-balanced.
    It gives better mid/bass volume than the JJ. I think it also produces more vintage like sound than other modern EL84s.
    One of must-have tubes.

    reviewed by: Juin

    I make and sell valve amps, mostly based around EL84 designs. I have shipped with JJ branded valves since I first began production but I was curious about the new Mullards, so I thought I should check them out. In my single-ended amps the Mullards have a thick mid-heavy tone and a soft early power breakup that is a welcome change from the very up-front JJ EL84 - well worth a try, especially for the blues players. The tradeoff for the added smoothness is a lower perceived volume.

    reviewed by: Cloud
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