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#47 Lamp Holder Suitable For Fender® Brand Amplifiers


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Fender style #47 lamp holder with bezel and nut.

This lamp holder mounts in an 11/16 inch hole.

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    very nice product, It was hard to find elsewhere. quick delivery.

    reviewed by: Jim Hebert

    I reviewed these a while back. Just wanted to add that I have been using them for the boutique (tube) effects I have been building. They definitely add that "antique" look, so much more than LEDs or neon.

    reviewed by: Frank Stroupe

    Solid construction! Great replacement for a crappy plastic amp kit light or great as a replacement for your fender amp.

    reviewed by: Daniel

    Great replacement for Fender amps, or new builds!

    reviewed by: Jay

    My Bassman 50 was having some issues burning the heater winding resistors. Ended up that the old lamp holder was trashed and causing a short.

    This one fit perfectly and solved the problem. Now the amp should be good for the second 45 years.

    reviewed by: Frank Stroupe

    Perfect replacement for fender amps

    reviewed by: BWilcox
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