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OddWatt ODDBLOCK MonoBloc Tube Amplifier Kit


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The OddWatt ODDBLOCK amplifier kits... great sounding amps at an affordable price. These all tube, single channel, class "A" amplifier kits are designed to be big in performance without breaking the bank.

Running in pure class "A" operation, and utilizing a constant current source circuit embedded in the Ultra-Linear output stage, once built these amps will comfortably provide the lowest noise, lowest distortion with maximum musical bandwidth. Thus allowing you, the listener to enjoy the music free of interference from the equipment. Hear more of the music and less of the gear.

Each kit comes with a matched pair of JJ KT77 and 1 JAN 5751.

Oddwatt does not recommend the use of the EH KT88. This tube has a tendency to run un-stabilized for an extended time while warming up and the potential for tube failure is increased.

At the end of the day, there is no better comfort than listening to your music, through amplifiers you built, knowing there are no compromises. Sit back, enjoy ...

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  • Self Regulating Push-Pull (SRPP) input stage - This first tube stage has been designed to provide the highest gain possible with the lowest noise and distortion figures. Thus allowing the full expansive dynamics of your music to be clear and without harmonic artifacts.
  • Self Inverting Push-Pull (SIPP) phase inverter stage - With near perfect symmetry and minimal components, this final preamp stage delivers quick dynamics and strong power tube drive all without unmusical coloration.
  • Constant Current Source (CCS) output stage - Delivering full class "A" operation from the quietest passages to the strongest dynamics all with this simple ingenious circuit. Transparent to the music but still providing full, constant current to the power tubes.
  • Ultra Linear Output Mode - This specially designed output transformer is able to recapture the additional audio energy usually wasted as heat in other designs and then deliver this extra punch to the speaker for the fullest musical experience possible.
  • Self Balancing Design - Through creative design and engineering, the KT88, KT77, KT66, 6L6GC, 6550, and 5881 tubes can be used in the output stage. This allows the listener to fine tune the amplifier's tonality to match the room and the speakers for improved audio enjoyment.
  • Quality Components and Construction - A great design, complemented with great components is destined to give great tone. With American built Edcor transformers, Belton tube sockets, and paper-in-oil caps, this amp excels where others cannot. The powder coated steel chassis will give years of corrosion free service; the 4 oz. copper traces on the PC board (vs. the 1 oz industry standard) provide unparalleled audio and reliability performance; the ultra stable, low noise resistors provide uncluttered coloration.
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