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Pre-Amp Tube Damper


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Use two or three of these rings around a pre-amp tube to reduce noise and microphonics. An economical alternative to more expensive tube rings.

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    There's nothing magical about a polymer ring (just as there are no measurable "dark forces' that require $$$ ceramic speaker cable isolation devices). But LONG PLATE, high-current JJ 12AU7 pre-amp tubes really are susceptible to induced microphonics, especially when the TubeCube 7 amps (I use multiple to power an array) are being assaulted with high-energy sound. These little rings do the job without fanfare or hype. Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Karl

    I can't believe how much these improved the clarity in my high gain tube amp. Especially at this price.

    reviewed by: James A.

    Superb tweak at an honest price. It let's you hear the nuances better, reduces the noise floor and helps the music flow freely. All this for 0.50 bucks. Please buy them before tube depot decides to charge 50 bucks and brand it with some fancy name and says that it's made in Pluto.

    reviewed by: SB

    Let the audiophiles spend all the money on esoteric tube dampeners. These high-temp o-rings do what you need at a realistic price point.

    reviewed by: Lyle Caldwell

    Good quality damper, will keep buying them.

    reviewed by: Michael C

    An economical way to tame microphonic tubes use two or three per tube

    reviewed by: Richard F.
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