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If you design or repair amps on a daily basis, you depend on a steady supply of resistors.

This Engineers Resistor Value Pack is fully stocked for design and repair facilities. There are one hundred (100) each for all E12 standard values between 1.0 - 1M ohms. Additionally, there are fifty (50) each for values between 2.2M - 10M

NOTE: 66 different values, 6400 total resistors - save 61% off retail price with the purchase of this kit.

This Engineers Resistor Value Pack is the right components; at the right quantities; at the right price; for all your tube audio work.
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    This kit is a great value, there are some values that you may not use immediately but at this price they will always be handy when you need them. Pretty much a life time supply.

    reviewed by: jeff benson
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