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Sovtek 5751 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Sovtek 5751 can be subbed in for the 12AY7 in original Fender Tweed amps and in the socket for the 12AT7 reverb driver tube. Though it is not a true 12AX7 - the 5751 can be used as a gain reduction device in place of the 12AX7. You can get that crunchy sound sooner and with lower volume. A great way to learn about how Gain Factor affects the tube circuit and to please your neighbors.
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    Taming V1 on a Blues Junior! So far, this tube is working some good magic on the circuit. More mods to be made but this is a good inexpensive first move!

    reviewed by: SteveTR

    This 5751 is a great sounding tube resistant of the old Jan 5751 tubes I have used previously.
    Primarily used in Bassman circuits in V1 and great in the Deluxe Reverb as well.
    Like an original 5751 there is certain je ne sais quoi that you can't get from another tube.

    reviewed by: StevenEddy

    This Rassian made 5751 tube has a very beautiful appearance andgrey plate is longer than that of a traditional 5751 tube. It does a very good job to replace my 12AX7 tube in the center of the five small tube system for my EL34 push-pull machine. The gain of 5751 is smaller than 12AX7/ECC83, but you don't lose the sound quality using this tube as a signal tube. I can feel the music becoming warmer and thus it is very pleasant to use this tube to listen my favorite classical music. You do feel the reduction of the noise level using this 5751 tube in combination with other long-plate tubes like E80CC. The C/P value of this tube is very good so it is highly recommended for people who don't want to spend too much money on vintage tubes.

    reviewed by: Eric Diau
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