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Sovtek EL84M Power Vacuum Tube

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A military-spec version of the standard Sovtek EL84 - the Sovtek EL84M's extended voltage tolerance - improved plate dissipation - and rugged construction make it equivalent to the RCA 7189. Chosen by Matchless for their designs - the EL84M also features higher transconductance - more power - and longer life than the less expensive EL84 - making it perfect for hi-end audio applications. However - many musician's prefer the regular EL84's warm distortion to the EL84M's tighter - cleaner tone. For all Hi-Fi users - the EL84M is definitely the tube of choice.

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:

  • BadCat Model 2R
  • Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
  • Marshall DSL201
  • Marshall DSL401
  • VOX reissue AC15
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    Bought a few of these to replace the stock tubes in the TubeCube and it was well worth it! They are noticeably cleaner and brighter than the stock tubes. I left the stock preamp tube in place, which seems to be common for those looking to upgrade.

    reviewed by: Brian

    I picked up two of these for extra heat capacity, and I am not disappointed. Great super clean tubes.

    reviewed by: Very high quality

    In a hi-fi push-pull amplifier operating in pure pentode mode, we evaluated three EL84 offerings using an HP 8903B distortion analyzer. The Sovtek EL84M is the second most linear, behind only the JJ EL84. Their linearity and elevated voltage ratings make the Sovtek EL84M a great choice, perhaps even a viable alternative to using larger pentodes for some situations. In terms of sound quality, they are similar to the JJ EL84 and far better than the Genalex Gold Lion EL84; an overpriced, overhyped offering with no real advantage over tubes costing far less.

    reviewed by: Record Player USA

    Ordered 8 matched for my Manley Stingray. They sounded kind of bloated straight out of the box, but settled down quickly (several hours). Now they sound great now. I think I understand why you are given the option to order up to 9 matched - I can easily bias 7 of the 8 tubes, but 1 is out of the bias range of the pot. Still sounds good.

    reviewed by: Jeffrey

    Got a pair of these for my 6505 MH and it completely changed the amp. More headroom, more responsive, quicker and more aggressive breakup. LOVE THESE TUBES!!

    reviewed by: Jason

    I picked up four of these guys for an H.H. Scott 299 rebuild. Needed the extra heat capacity, and these guys deliver. Fine sounding, extra clean tubes.

    reviewed by: J.Scott
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