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TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier


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The TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier is a great sounding, sleek looking amp at an affordable price. This envy-inducing machine boasts a power output of 3.5W+3.5W at 8 ohms which is perfect for a desktop audio amplifier with bookshelf speakers. The TubeCube | 7 comes fully assembled and ready to play your favorite tunes with a matched pair of Sino EL84s and one Sino 12AX7B. Tube upgrades are available.

This tube amplifier not only sounds great, but takes up very little space on your desk. Here is a soda can next to the TubeCube | 7 for reference.


TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier

You can connect your CD player, computer, or even your mobile device to the TubeCube | 7, all you need is an RCA cable and you are ready to listen to great tube audio. For phono use, you'll also need a phono preamplifier.


TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier


The TubeCube | 7 is powered with a standard IEC cable. This amplifier can be used in any country as it runs on 100V - 240V AC. You will need to purchase the IEC cable appropriate for your country. Banana plugs and power cable sold separately.


Check out the Ken Rockwell review of this product.

How to Hook Up Your TubeCube | 7 In 30 Seconds:

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    I spent the last few weeks looking for a new tube amplifier (working with a small budget but hoping not having to give up a very good quality sound) and after reading all the great feedback here about the TubeCube 7 decided to give it a chance.

Now after almost two days of putting the TubeCube 7 through the ropes the first thing that comes to mind is wishing I still had my vinyl LP records and turntable from the 70's so I could really hear what this Miniature Marvel can do. Over the years my entire music library has become all digitally stored on my MacBook Pro and I've been trying to replace more and more of it with AIFF 16bit quality files especially now with using a tube amplifier for better and warmer listening. 

So far everything ranging from Joe Cocker, Melody Gardot, Joe Satriani to CC Coletti and more that has been flowing through the three pre-installed tubes that arrived with this tiny amplifier while connected to an inexpensive set of Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers (mounted on the wall and wired with Monster 16-gauge speaker wire) hasn't disappointed one bit because of it's surprising big sound.

I've already purchased a pair of Sovtek EL84's, Electro-Harmonix EL84 EH Power Vacuum Tubes and a Mullard CV4004 / 12AX7 Balanced Triode to see how they will sound compared to the matched pair of Sino EL84s and Sino 12AX7B that came with it, So after the new tubes arrive it may take some time to find just the right amount of warmth, bass and highs but in the meantime the flat digital world of music will slowly fade away to a better place inside my ears.

Thank You TubeDepot,

    reviewed by: David

    This is my first tube amp and I can't believe it. There is an openness and placement I'm just not used to; a depth and space I can't believe. It is like I'm perceiving another spacial dimension. When I close my eyes the music has a shape, even a color. For $175 !?
Granted I am putting them through some really high quality Vienna 6 ohm speakers but it's stunning how much better they sound than my $800 transistor amp.

Plenty of power for this room.

When I turned the TubeCube on there was no sound at all. No hum, not even a click. I thought, oh, no, something's broken. Then I noticed the light on the switch (good idea) and then the little tubes started to glow. I had hooked it up through an airport express and so I just hit airplay on my laptop and there was sound.

If these sound so good I wonder what the bigger more expensive amps could possibly do. I wonder what it would do with a high quality input.

Oh my. Thus starts my full migration to tubes.

    reviewed by: Michael

    I’m really impressed. I played it for a day using the stock Sino tubes, using both my iPod and turntable as sources. The sound was pretty surprising for such a small amp, full and rich, a with the warmth of tubes. Given the smallish power output, I used a pair of Klipsch RB51 bookshelf speakers which have a good efficiency rating. Overall, the amp did a great job considering the size and price. I was very happy with the output.
Next, I swapped out the stock tubes with a matched pair of Sovtek EL84M power tubes and a balanced triode Mullard CV4004 / 12AX7, both ordered from Tube Depot. After an hour or so of burn-in, the TubeCube 7 really sounded great. A bit more headroom, and both the bass and midranges were much improved.
This is a great little amp and at the price point of less than $200, it is perfect for your desk, bookcase or office. Pair it with a couple of efficient speakers and you’ll enjoy some pretty awesome tube sound without a needing a lot of space. Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Dan

    It sounds great! Definitely a good way to add tube tone to your listening experience without paying a fortune.

    reviewed by: Dustin

    As always, you guys don't disappoint. Love this little cube, powerful but yet graceful, love doing business with you guys. The small amp is super quiet on idle and don't produce any hum like conventional valve amp. Thanks for this great product!

    reviewed by: Wessel

    Received the unit well packaged, and although no instructions are provided or needed, a spec sheet and warranty information if any, would have been welcome.
I provided my own power cord and soldered 4 banana plugs on some speaker wire and the amp was all set up.
This little amp sounds great after a few hours of burn-in. It really settles into its own after about 10 hours or so. After that its only about 20 seconds of warm-up time (from cold) and its ready to rock! Almost zero perceptible noise floor and no AC hum at all. At all normal listening levels I cannot believe the music quality!
I matched the TubeCube7 with a pair of vintage black Realistic Minimus 7's and the sound is fantastic! Yes, three products with '7' in the name and seperated by 30 years but they compliment each other beautifully, both visually and sonically. And, coincidentally, the tube design in the TC7 predates the Minimus 7 by at least another 30 years or more.
I am currently driving the amp with some standard definition mp3 audio from a large itunes music library with a high quality laptop and much of the older music sounds all new to me now. I'm hearing subtle sounds in some of the music I never noticed before when it was played on the typical transistor amplified loudspeakers that are sold for computer use. (It may be obvious that those systems are not audiophile quality, but that is the digital world we live in.)
Thanks for bringing the joy of tube audio at a great price. Please list a few tried and proven tube substitutions on your website to give us a starting point if/when a tube upgrade is desired.
I'm looking forward to years of use with the amp, and now I think I might even buy another as a gift....

    reviewed by: Brian

    I just want to write a quick note to tell you that I think the price of the Tube Cube 7 is the best money I have spent on audio in years. The sound of this amplifier with the original tubes reminded me of my grandfather's console radio, and with the set of Sovtek tubes --- balanced triode 12AX7A and 2 matched EL84M --- that I purchased later, the sound is so detailed and musical I could not believe it. I would play either set of tubes really , because after about 20 hours of play, either set was great sounding, just different. I am playing CD's through a TEAC PD-H300- MKIII , with Fostex FE127E full range speakers in double bass reflex enclosures. I don't think I have had the volume control more than 1/3-1/2 up from minimum and the volume is loud enough to be enjoyable with any style of music I have played. With good recordings the sound stage is three dimensional. Amazing! I have changed to a higher quality interconnect and better speaker cables for the Tube Cube 7, the sound this little amp produces is worth it.

    reviewed by: Eric

    Just a note to say thanks. The cube arrived very well packed and paired with the smallest Klipsch, the RB 41's, sounds just plain great. Fills the room prefect, very pleasant to listen to for long periods and I'm hearing things in familiar recordings that I haven't heard in years.

    reviewed by: Chris

    Hi, Guys
I wanted to comment upon the TubeCube 7 amplifier I purchased from TubeDepot recently as well as your offerings of NOS vacuum tubes. The TubeCube 7 is everything that you fellows and others say it is – it’s fun, it’s amazing and it sounds super fine. For the past several years I have been using a stereo tube power amp that produces 0.75Watts RMS per channel so the 3.5 Watts per channel that the TubeCube 7 brings to the party is just crazy powerful. It drives a pair of circa 1967 Tannoy 12” Monitor Golds to realistic levels and doesn’t crap out. Played within its limits (no hooking the TubeCube up to your Apogee Scintillas now) the TubeCube 7 delivers music with finesse, but on a solid foundation. A balance that satisfies IMO. For all the wonderful things that have been said about it, I can’t recall anyone mentioning the fact that this TubeCube 7 is a single ended amplifier –one power output tube (6BQ5) per channel.
If you have never heard a single ended amp, the TubeCube 7 is an inexpensive and rewarding opportunity to experience the single ended sound. If you’re reading this, and have been considering the purchase of a TubeCube 7 amp, my advice to you is … take the plunge. OK,that’s all for the moment, except to commend you fellows on the terrific job you’re doing regarding selecting and sourcing your NOS vacuum tube stock. Nice clean selection of vintage NOS tubes. Goodwork guys!

    reviewed by: Edward
  • Tube: Shuguang EL84 2pcs , 12AX7B 1pc
  • Power Output: 3.5W+3.5W @ 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 30-40Khz (+-1db)
  • Input Sensitivity: 500mV
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -80dB / 3.5W
  • Residual Noise < 1mVac
  • Input AC Voltage: 100-250Vac
  • Power Consumption: 38W
  • Input Impedance: 50K ohms
  • Output Impedance: 8/6/4 ohms (Japan Z11-EI48*24 Output Transformers)
  • Dimensions: 130mm (w) x 130mm (d) x 130mm (h)
  • Weight: 2.6KG
  • Input: RCA Jacks
  • Output: Banana Jacks
  • AC: Standard IEC Jack with Fuse protection (2A Fuse)
  • Color: Black
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