TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier


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The TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier is a great sounding, sleek looking amp at an affordable price. This envy-inducing machine boasts a power output of 3.5W+3.5W at 8 ohms which is perfect for a desktop audio amplifier with bookshelf speakers. The TubeCube | 7 comes fully assembled and ready to play your favorite tunes with a matched pair of Sino EL84s and one Sino 12AX7B. Tube upgrades are available.

This tube amplifier not only sounds great, but takes up very little space on your desk. Here is a soda can next to the TubeCube | 7 for reference.


TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier

You can connect your CD player, computer, or even your mobile device to the TubeCube | 7, all you need is an RCA cable and you are ready to listen to great tube audio. For phono use, you'll also need a phono preamplifier.


TubeCube | 7 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier


The TubeCube | 7 is powered with a standard IEC cable. This amplifier can be used in any country as it runs on 100V - 240V AC. You will need to purchase the IEC cable appropriate for your country. Banana plugs and power cable sold separately.


Check out the Ken Rockwell review of this product.

How to Hook Up Your TubeCube | 7 In 30 Seconds:

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    Just a note to say thanks. The cube arrived very well packed and paired with the smallest Klipsch, the RB 41's, sounds just plain great. Fills the room prefect, very pleasant to listen to for long periods and I'm hearing things in familiar recordings that I haven't heard in years.

    reviewed by: Chris

    Hi, Guys
I wanted to comment upon the TubeCube 7 amplifier I purchased from TubeDepot recently as well as your offerings of NOS vacuum tubes. The TubeCube 7 is everything that you fellows and others say it is – it’s fun, it’s amazing and it sounds super fine. For the past several years I have been using a stereo tube power amp that produces 0.75Watts RMS per channel so the 3.5 Watts per channel that the TubeCube 7 brings to the party is just crazy powerful. It drives a pair of circa 1967 Tannoy 12” Monitor Golds to realistic levels and doesn’t crap out. Played within its limits (no hooking the TubeCube up to your Apogee Scintillas now) the TubeCube 7 delivers music with finesse, but on a solid foundation. A balance that satisfies IMO. For all the wonderful things that have been said about it, I can’t recall anyone mentioning the fact that this TubeCube 7 is a single ended amplifier –one power output tube (6BQ5) per channel.
If you have never heard a single ended amp, the TubeCube 7 is an inexpensive and rewarding opportunity to experience the single ended sound. If you’re reading this, and have been considering the purchase of a TubeCube 7 amp, my advice to you is … take the plunge. OK,that’s all for the moment, except to commend you fellows on the terrific job you’re doing regarding selecting and sourcing your NOS vacuum tube stock. Nice clean selection of vintage NOS tubes. Goodwork guys!

    reviewed by: Edward
  • Tube: Shuguang EL84 2pcs , 12AX7B 1pc
  • Power Output: 3.5W+3.5W @ 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 30-40Khz (+-1db)
  • Input Sensitivity: 500mV
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -80dB / 3.5W
  • Residual Noise < 1mVac
  • Input AC Voltage: 100-250Vac
  • Power Consumption: 38W
  • Input Impedance: 50K ohms
  • Output Impedance: 8/6/4 ohms (Japan Z11-EI48*24 Output Transformers)
  • Dimensions: 130mm (w) x 130mm (d) x 130mm (h)
  • Weight: 2.6KG
  • Input: RCA Jacks
  • Output: Banana Jacks
  • AC: Standard IEC Jack with Fuse protection (2A Fuse)
  • Color: Black
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