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Tung-Sol 12AX7 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Tung-Sol 12AX7 has a big, warm and musical sound that can help to improve the tone of any musical instrument amp as well as any Hi-Fi amp. With high-gain, low microphonics and superb linearity, this 12AX7 is sure to make your rig sound its best.

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    I am using this tube in my dialogue 7's Very pleased with the sound and value. Excellent bang for the buck -

    reviewed by: sat7

    Can't beat the Tung-Sol in just about any preamp position. I totally concur with this being the best of the best new manufactured tubes!

    reviewed by: SteveTR

    Tung Sol is my favorite brand of new manufactured tubes.

    reviewed by: David

    Nice tube the sound is actually way better than the Ruby it replaced. Will get more of those in the future. ;)

    reviewed by: Joel

    Worth the purchase! Bought 3 for a 1979 Marshall JMP 2203 (replaced JJ's) and loved the sound I was getting! Seem to make the presence of the guitar strings a bit more clear and much more gain than the tubes before. I highly recommend them!

    reviewed by: Lucas

    Great tube, running with GT in V1, JJ in V2, TS is in the driver's seat. Lovely warm yumminess.

    reviewed by: Hank

    By far my favorite 12ax7. I'll take this tube over any other modern make.

    reviewed by: Jerry

    Very musical, always goes in v1 of all my amps.

    reviewed by: John

    very pleased with the tubes and their service.

    reviewed by: kevin

    I have these in V1-2, and PI positions. They’re quite, clear, and have a nice sparkly grind. Thumps up!

    reviewed by: Pete J

    I'm using Tung-Sol 12AX7' s In my Mac C-20 preamp.. They are the next best thing to the origional Telefunken.

    reviewed by: Al

    Like all of the guys mentioned in this review section, the Tung-Sol 12AX7 is the one to use in V1 position. Big warm sound, bright and overtones not to piercing. Just perfect for my tone buds! Go for it!

    reviewed by: Benoit Tapin

    I use the Tung-Sol12AX7's almost universally in V1 of my amps- everything from Mesa to Marshall Plexi and 2204 to Frnder Tweed/BF/SF amps. They make just about every amp sound nice and bright with rich overtones, without being piercing. Not great for a cathode follower position but fantastic for any preamp tone spot. Recommended if looking for a new production tube.

    reviewed by: Critter

    Best-sounding new 12AX7 i've heard!!

    reviewed by: JP

    I use the Tung-Sol 12AX7 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube in the V1, first pre-amp gain stage in two of my hand built tube amplifier designs - a 30W with 3 12AX7s and a 20W dual channel with one 12AX7. For the 30W design I tested Tung-Sol, a Mullard, and a JJ in all three tube positions. The Tung-Sol gave me the best results in V1.

    This tube has very low noise due to a spiral filament and short plate. The gain is low-to-moderate, the tonality is clear, uncolored, and stable. It is dynamic and has good headroom.

    This makes it an ideal choice for the first gain stage, where I use the amp's design for tone / gain shaping.

    reviewed by: Bruce Blumentritt
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