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Tung-Sol 6L6 STR New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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The new Tung-Sol 6L6STR was build to withstand the heavy rigors of higher plate voltages. These babies will take just about anything you throw at them and sound great doing it. Give these a try if want something that will handle the higher voltages and deliver smooth overdrive and very musical tone.

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    Dropped these into my JP-2C, man! what a difference. The amp already sounds great, now there seems to be a tighter more focused sound jumping off the speakers!

    reviewed by: Anthony

    Great tubes, sound great in my Mesa Mark IV

    reviewed by: Steve

    I've been swapping various 6L6's and 5881's in my much maligned old JTM30 - I found these provide the warmest most harmonic vibes so far.

    reviewed by: Rich

    Put these in a Silkyn Super 50 specifically for the high plate voltage application. They sound very good and are reasonably priced. I only have about 3 hours on them so far.

    reviewed by: John C. New Jersey

    Ive ran these in a 78 twin and now my 72 twin. Great sounding tube, they start off a little bright but once these tubes break in a bit they level out at a very nice tone! Only reason i gave a 4, not the most rugged tubes but for the price you cant beat them.

    reviewed by: Derek christiansen

    So I put these in an SE-40. I was recommended these by a friend. I had originally put 5881's in the amp from other recommendations online. After I had the boards redone, I retubed them with all new Tung-Sol. Biasing was a breeze, and all the tubes were just fine. Buying sixteen tubes all at once was a bit scary, and it was my first time biasing. I think I can do it in my sleep now, however. The sound is out of this world.

    reviewed by: rdmarsiii

    great tubes brought a 65 reverb back to life.

    reviewed by: wesley

    I've been purchasing Tung-Sol tubes for nearly a decade. They've always been reliable, sounded great, balanced tone, and a lower cost alternative to NOS tubes. At this point, given NOS prices I've moved entirely to Tung-Sol tubes. I hope they keep up the quality moving forward. You cannot go wrong with these in your amplifier.

    reviewed by: Colton

    Solid, well-made tubes that sound great. Perfect match for an old Fender

    reviewed by: John

    I've never really been a big cork sniffer in terms of tubes--power is power, and any change you hear is just a slight EQ difference.

    These tubes changed my mind. There was something so pure and strong about these tubes. It made the stock Ruby tubes sound brittle and weak. The only thing I can compare it to is the feeling of going from a 4-cylinder Cavalier to an 8-cylinder Cadillac. They'll got get you where you need to go, but there is a graceful, smooth, effortless power to these tubes that is truly special.

    reviewed by: NO

    I put these in my mesa mark IV. These tube sound amazing. Really brought the amp to life.

    Very cool thick mids with the Mesa Preamp tube, but I put in a mixed set of NOS/Tungsol/chinese and it tamed it to sounding more balanced (still very sexy), but I think I want to put the stock Mesa 12x7s back to get that huge thickness back.

    Totally recommended if you want to beef up your amp's tone!

    reviewed by: Ben F.

    The best new production 6L6 tubes i've tried! incredible tone, the only kind i'll sue in my 40w combos.

    reviewed by: JP
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