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Tung-Sol 6L6G New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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This large bottle 6L6 variant is a great looking tube that is reminiscent of the very old 6L6's used in radios and amplifiers in the 1940's. Having a large bottle not only looks cool, but allows for efficient power handling. These tubes are perfect if you want both the vintage look and sound of the old 6L6's.

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    These tubes feel heavy and look very well made. Cool looking with a warm and detailed sound. They have 6L6GC ratings so they are more robust than the original 6L6G. This is a big tube so make sure you have enough room.

    reviewed by: tube.guy

    Recently Aqquired a MC240 with original McIntosh issued power 6l6, a couple were start to go, so wanted to see what was being recommended on the forums. The love the BIG look and great sound of these...still breaking in after a month of normal play and love the detail plus the look is of love with the MC240. First time purchasing from tube depot and they were quick and efficient.

    reviewed by: Dave K
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