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Tung-Sol EL34B New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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The new production Tung-Sol EL34B is an attractive option for those that want the full bodied tone that made Tung-Sol famous. Better made than any other EL34B, these are guaranteed to blow your mind - not your amp.

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    Nice - put them in a Fisher 300 power amp. Very balanced sound.

    reviewed by: Brian McCowan

    Love the sound from these EL34B's! Replaced stock Chinese tubes that came with the integrated amp. Will buy again!

    reviewed by: Mark Strecker

    Installed a Quad in a Dual Rectifier replacing JJ's. Sound is more clear to my ears. Tung Sol 12AX7 with RFT ECC83 in preamp. Great sound!

    reviewed by: Jeff

    I installed a pair of Tung Sol EL34B and trio of 12AX7 tubes in my new Marshall Origin 20 head. They made all the difference I was hoping for. Low noise level, nice crisp, clean tones with an overall more open sound as well. You can't go wrong with Tung Sol tubes, IMHO.

    reviewed by: Jerome

    Looked for a replacement for the discontinued SED el34's to put in my Mesa Stiletto. I always liked the SED's for their clarity and worried that nothing would stand up to them...JJ, EH, GT and Mullard reissue were all pretty good, just not the level of the SED. Then tried the TungSol. Let's just say I don't miss the SED's one bit...in fact the TS top end is clearer and smoother. Will buy again!

    reviewed by: Patrick

    Great tube for this price... I've no idea of how good my amp sound before replacing with this tube. Sound much airy, sharper image...

    reviewed by: Eric

    Very pleased with these power tubes in my Marshall Origin 20 head. I replaced v1 and v3 with tung sols too and the ambient noise floor decreased and the clarity in the cleans improved with a greater amount of detail while still retaining the amps character. Highly recommended!

    reviewed by: Mike

    The Tung-Sol EL34B power tubes sound bright with great high-end tone. This is an excellent option for the new production tubes with high C/P value. You can hear the high density music from these tubes comparable to the quality of Tesla/Sovtek vintage EL34 tubes with much lower price. Highly recomended!

    reviewed by: ED

    Sound great right out of the box!

    reviewed by: Skyler Glaser

    A matched quad set of Tung-Sol EL34B's were installed in a Marshall 2203 100 watt amplifier about a month ago. Plate voltage was at 495 volts. Running the tubes at approximately 65% of 25 maximum watts output, the bias was set at 31 ma. The tubes settled in nicely and the bias was retouched after several hours of use, where it has remained steady at 32 ma. The sound is very "Marshally', and these EL34's certainly seem to be up to the job. We have some pretty particular guitar players in the area and all have agreed that the amplifier sounds great using these Tung-Sols. They are highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Norm Bryant
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