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Tung-Sol EL84 New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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The Tung-Sol EL84 is ready to take your EL84 / 6BQ5 amp to the next level. These ruggedly constructed and precision manufactured tubes are packed with the power you need to cut through.

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:


  • BadCat Model 2R
  • Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
  • Marshall DSL201
  • Marshall DSL401
  • VOX reissue AC15


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    My new fav!!

    reviewed by: JP

    I bought these tubes for change stock JJ's in my Friedman Runt. What I can say - WOW! Now sound more clear and articulate, this applies and for clean sound, and for drive. Highly recommend!

    reviewed by: Mikhail

    My guitar sounded like a toy banjo. I swapped the Tung-Sols into mt VOX AC15. Now I'm rockin' the hammer of the Gods. Yea, Baby. Simple as that.

    reviewed by: Zeppo

    I tried Tung Sol EL84s in my hand-wired AC-30 clone w/ Alnico Blues. Excellent match for AC30-style amps. Big and immediate improvement in touch sensitivity, sparkle, complexity, overtones and 3D projection. Very satisfied.

    reviewed by: Dan

    As a long time user of JJ EL84's, I decided to give the Tung Sol EL84's a try. I had already switched to Tung Sol 12ax7's. I put these in my AC30 6TB, and the difference was like night and day. Don't get me wrong, the JJ's are good. But the Tung Sol's took my tone to the next level. I could immediately hear more sparkle, clarity, and tighter low end. The clean tone was so clear and punchy, and the drive tone sounded more complex. The difference was like switching from cheap guitar cables to high quality ones.

    reviewed by: Patrick

    I stopped buying NOS tubes once I tried a few Tung Sol power and pre-amp tubes in my amp collection. These EL84 tubes sound great in my Orange Tiny Terror. I love the complexity of overdrive sound that comes out of the two Celestion V80s. Great tubes. The JJs are great, but the Tung Sols have just a little more sparkle and drive that suits my taste. I use Tung Sols in my Deluxe Reverb II, Princeton, Pro Reverb, Vibro Champ, and the Tiny Terror. They are high quality, produce plenty of gain, and don't add any noise. Very rugged and reliable. Try some. Tube Depot is the best source!

    reviewed by: Rockin Rick

    I buy 4 of these tubes for my Orange head religiously each year or when sound is lack of strenght.... all I have to say is the tubes & store are both AMAZING, I live outside US and shipping is pretty fair, will always buy in here.

    reviewed by: Sara

    Tried one of these in a 5W head recently. Never though I'd find something cheap that sounded better than a JJ EL84, but this tube definitely does (at least in this amp). It breaks up really nice. If you're a JJ fan, give this one a try and see what you think.

    reviewed by: Forrest @ Function f(x) Pedals

    Great tubes! Brought a Morgan DAG15 back to life.

    reviewed by: Paul

    Excellent new production tubes. Really sing in my Bravo and my 15W 'wreck clone.

    reviewed by: David J

    My favorite tubes & my favorite shop!!!

    reviewed by: Sara

    Great tubes, great price, fast shipping.

    reviewed by: Jarod

    Solid tubes, sound great in my AC30HW2 combo. Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: John
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