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Vacuum Tube Night Light


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Vacuum tube glows like it is sitting in the chassis of a tube guitar amplifier, radio, or tv; and will turn on as the room darkens and go out with ambient light. Heater glow is simulated by an LED and is COOL TO THE TOUCH! Uses very low energy due to efficient LED Design. Tube never needs to be replaced because heater is simulated by an LED. Unique conversation piece for any tube guitar amp, antique radio and tv fan! Handmade in the USA by MRM Electronics using tubes found in vintage audio equipment. Similar in size and shape to a 6AK5 preamp tube. You will receive a similar looking night light. Due to the nature of vintage vacuum tubes, some glass tubes may have darker glass than others which will make some appear slightly darker. 

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    I love this. It makes the entrance to the studio a bit brighter.

    reviewed by: B

    This night light is great, Gave it to a tube amp junkie and he loved it

    reviewed by: What a gadget
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