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JJ ECC83MG Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The new JJ ECC83MG tube is a mid-gain version of the ECC83. This tube is a happy medium between a 5751 and a standard 12AX7.

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    Great tube to tame gain in high gain amps. I use in V2 and V3 in a 5153 EVH EL34 head! Great sound

    reviewed by: Cristiano

    I had an amp I purchased used that had some Chinese tubes that were very good but simply too much gain and pre-amp Hum/Fizz. I put a JJ-MG in V2 and it not only cleaned up the Hum problem but also gave it a warm smooth mid-range gain. Highly recommend this tube if you need to warm up and clear up your amp tone.

    reviewed by: Dan W.
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