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Bendix 6106 / 5Y3WGT


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This is the world famous Bendix brand 6106 / 5Y3WGT tube type. Built like a tank, these tubes were built by Bendix for extreme conditions. They sound great and last forever.

The famous Bendix Red Bank vacuum tube factory made legendary tubes for military and aerospace applications. Their tubes were built to be the very best and were known to last many thousands of hours. These have rugged brown micanol bases, heavy glass, triple mica spacers and double D getters. Literally built to withstand the heavy g-forces of nuclear missiles, if you want the best, these are for you.

These tubes have the Double D Getters, 4 heavy support rods and Triple Micas.

Bendix 6106 / 5Y3WGT

Price is for a Single Tube

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    Recently I've had problems with modern rectifier tubes. My rig is single-ended with NOS Mullard preamp tubes and I switch between a Bendix 5992 / 6V6GT and a Tung - Sol KT66 for power depending on my volume needs. No problem with bias since the amp is single-ended, cathode bias. But, my rectifier tube was just burning up trying to keep up with the KT66's current demands. Glowing red sometimes, sometimes purple. Didn't do my tone any good either. I love running a 5Y3 rectifier because I love the sag and compression. I could run a bigger rectifier like a 5U4 or a 5AR4 but the 5Y3 just sounds better to me. So I went with this Bendix 5Y3 because I know how tough these tubes are and how good they sound. This 5Y3 has had zero problems keeping up with the current demands from my KT66. It just keeps on delivering, no purple or red glow, no dropouts and the amp just sounds great! It has the 5Y3 sag, but along with the Bendix 6V6 these tubes will take any punishment I can deliver. These tubes are just amazing. If you want to run a 5Y3 rectifier I think this Bendix is an absolute must. Especially if you have a Fender tweed or a clone. This tube will take it and ask for more. All day long and the next too. Modern tubes just don't even compare. It's no contest at all. I will only run NOS tubes now. I used to think they were all hype but experience has taught me different. If you want a 5Y3 get this tube, you not only won't regret it you'll wonder why you waited so long. Then once you see what this tube does for you you will want more NOS tubes. It really is a huge difference in tone. Try one, you will see ....

    reviewed by: Will Kenworthy
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