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Groove Tubes

Established in the late 1970's by Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes are among the most commonly used tubes in guitar amps, and a favorite among tonal enthusiasts. In recent years the team of technical professionals at Groove Tubes have turned their focus toward providing high-quality studio gear with popular tube-based preamps and gear.

Offered as single tubes, matched pairs, quads or sextets, Groove Tubes are considered identical and/or the equivalent of other branded tubes. The company boasts development of a procedure that combines valid, scientific comparison and exclusive methods that take into account the tonal characteristics of tubes for use in instrument amplification. Groove Tubes offer certification for microphonics, hum, noise floor, physical operation and performance characteristics.

For a quick and easy tube replacement that analyzes and matches the gain-to-distortion ratio, Groove Tubes assure a tone that is both rich in harmonics and balanced for sustainability and wider frequency.

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