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Sovtek 12AX7LPS Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Sovtek 12AX7LPS is a Large Plate – Spiral Filiment 12AX7 tube. This is the best offering from Sovtek yet. It is used by Mesa Boogie and is also used by many other smaller manufacturers. The spiral filament reduces hum in AC filament amps - while the larger plates allow for a more linear response. This is one of the finest modern production 12AX7 being made today.

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    perfect for the pi slot highly recomended

    reviewed by: Richard

    real nice swap out for my vox ac15h1tv. i bought the amp used and it came with 2 chinese and 1 marshall 12ax7's. after putting the sovteks in v1-3, i would describe the sound as more rounded than the tubes that came with the amp. this is in combination with tungsol ef806 SG and sovtek el84s. i can't say it sounds better than what i had in the past, but it does sound different, clear and full in a good way.

    reviewed by: James K

    Best tube for PI slot! I put on a EVH 5153, great tone!

    reviewed by: Cristianoepm

    If you have a Fender or Mesa style amp, then the Sovtek 12AX7LPS is the premp tube you want. They're quiet, detailed and the tone is overall very balanced.

    They're not bad in Marshalls either, but I definitely prefer the Electro Harmonix 12AX7s as they provide a nice mid boost.

    reviewed by: Best current preamp tubes for Fender or Mesa style amps

    I'd agree with the comment immediately below: I replaced the OEM Marshall labeled 12AX7's in my much maligned JTM30 with these and they are quieter, more open and clear.

    reviewed by: Rich

    If you have a Marshall, this is the tube that you want at least as your PI slot(usually V3 or V4). Made my crunch channel growl like I always heard other amps do. Won't retube without one.

    reviewed by: Steve King

    I saw several people likes this lps as the phase inverter in DSL Marshall’s. There is no doubt about it, this made my amp sound bigger and clearer. Maybe not earth changing but this is the tube I will be using as P.I. for a while.

    reviewed by: Michael babb

    After reading about different tubes and their positions in the amp, I ordered a tung sol 12AX7 for 1st position and the sovtex 12ax7lps for the 2nd phase inverter position in my Peavey classic 30. These reasonably priced tubes produced a fat clean tone ,more headroom, more musical tone. I'm happy with these tubes.

    reviewed by: Jamie Rogers

    I know it's not recommended due to a chance of microphonics but I put one of these bad boys that had been tested for noise into the V1 position of my H&K GMD40 and wow! It really brought my amp to life! The clean tones became richer, creamier, the high gain channel became more articulate and devastating! I am thoroughly impressed by this tube, I highly recommend it!

    reviewed by: John

    Probably the best phase inverter tube available today. Stable powerful signal pumping the power tubes allowing them to produce the full tonality they were designed to deliver.

    reviewed by: StevenEddy

    Bought 3 for my 6505 MH... WOW!! totally worth it. massive improvement in gain and tone.

    reviewed by: Jason

    Agree w the opinion this is a great PI tube

    reviewed by: Chris

    There are some great 12AX7 tubes to choose from and this should be on everyone's short list. My opinion this is the best tube for the gain/phase inverter position.

    reviewed by: Dan W.
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